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The Purpose Of Using Window Well Covers


Window wells covers are keeping dirt, dust, rain, animals and more out of the basement. Most styles are durable and strong, which creates an impenetrable barrier between the inside and outside. The melting snow is actually a common issue among basements. Window wells that are deep and aged as well are vulnerable to letting water get through but a strong cover on basement window wells can let the basement to stay dry even through the wettest periods of the month.


As a result of unprotected window wells, areas that receive high amounts of snow every winter cause basement flooding. When water has penetrated the basement, this creates the best conditions needed by mold to grow, which is then again another reason why people install one in their basement egress windows.


Under normal conditions, basements don't get proper ventilation and has a high tendency to be damp. Mold professionals will soon tell you that if you take a damp environment and then keep it unventilated, mold is certain to grow in it. The presence of mold in a house can result to various health problems for those who live in it including headaches, upper respiratory problems, asthma attacks for people who have asthma and so on.


As for areas of the country that's prone to flooding, solid covers on the basement windows are capable of saving homeowners thousands of dollars in dealing with water damage restoration. Of course, the cost will vary but the cleanup for flooded basement can run any homeowners easily between 3000 to 5000 dollars.


A big number of window wells cover manufacturers provide big varieties of styles for their products. Good manufacturer is also capable of customizing every cover to give the windows an exact fit. There are many that make covers for wood, metal and even masonry window wells. Covers for the metal window wells for instance are made to fit round, straight-style and square wells. Some other designs are used when basement window does not extend above metal well. Some styles are intentionally designed to sit on ground around the well's outside edge.


In most instances, homeowners can perform the installation of their window well cover because manufacturers simply need the window's dimension and will then give suggestions on which window well cover is most appropriate for that particular application. Another good reason to make use of a secure covering around your basement window is safety. Believe it or not, these window wells are notorious for being the cause of ankle sprains and lower body injuries when people stepped on them. And by making use of a solid barrier around, it helps in preventing injuries.


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