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Facts about Basement Window Well Covers


When you talk of window wells, this is a type of structure that is small in size and is often located outside ground level of your basement to help you bring light on your basement as well as help keep both the soil and water away. It is commonly a feet or meter deep and it is even filled with small layers of gravel to help drain the well. Having Rockwell window wells is in fact a wise idea as well as a decorative one. It provides you more natural lighting making your basement a more comfortable place to stay.


The basic thing to consider whenever you decide to have some home renovation is your safety. That is why it is important that you know how to assess the safety when you are inside your home.



One of the roles of having a basement window well is that fact that you feel safer having it as part of your home. Whenever there is an emergency and you can't get out through your main door, having a basement be one of your exits.


If you decide to install the window well on your own without any help from a professional, you can do so but just remember that for small-scale window well, the approval of your municipal authority is not a requirement at all therefore giving you freedom to do the installation. But if in case you decide to have a bigger size window well for your basement, this will immediately require the approval of the authorities relevant to building codes. Don't forget also to check your window well against water accumulation. The reason why gravel is also present in your window is because of the drainage system but if the installation was not done properly, this may result to poor drainage system.


But if you really want to have it installed by yourself, make sure that you have read the steps in doing Rockwell window well. The first step in the installation process is to at least be aware of the area where your ground level window is located and by doing so, you need to place your prefabricated window against it to have a clearer picture of the area. Next, you need to cover the bottom hole with gravel measuring at least 4 inches and then place your window well against the foundation. Then you can mark the bolts and drill into the foundation. Next, have the window well secured into the foundation through the bolts.



But if you think you can't do it correctly, you can always resort to a professional.


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