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More Tips on the Use of Egress Windows


The egress windows are made to serve exits during emergencies for the basement buildings. Without extra modifications, the basement does not provide an ideal living space. The basement windows are designed to make the basement a lovely and livable space for the family. All new houses constructed with a basement are required to adhere to the local building codes on the egress windows. One would ask why there is a need to have the egress windows on your house. They are meant to provide natural light to the house. The natural light is recommended for different reason among them health concerns. It also, reduces the amount of lighting energy bills.


The basement rooms require ventilation which is provided by the egress windows. The basement may not access adequate air flow without this opening. By having the egress windows on the house, you ensure that there is adequate airflow in the rooms and that the residents will live healthily. Seriving as an exit is the major use of the egress window. The egress windows provides a safe way to exit during emergencies such as fires or thug attacks. They are the safest ways to exit in such cases of basement users.


There is the local building code that contains details on the requirements of the egress windows and their construction. It is mandatory to have the basement egress windows for basement constructions. They also have minimum measurement provisions. The importance of these measurements are to ensure that an average person can comfortably use the egress windows and run to safety. Since the measurements are intended for the average person, you may need to go above the minimum requirements. It is advisable that you evaluate your family members needs. Think of the aged person or when you will be aged. Think carefully of your children as well. It is desirable that the well cover be one which they can open on their own. This makes it easy for them to exit even when firebreaks happen in your absence, or you get scattered in the house.


There is also the minimum size requirement for any size of a room. Th window must be above a determined portion of the room is designed to serve. This means that you would have to expand the size f the window if you expanded the size of the room. One room can be served by more than one window well basement window covers if need be. The purposes of this is to ensure that the basement receives adequate natural light and airflow. To ensure that everyone in the house can use these exits safely, conduct safety drills using the same exits.


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